Monday, October 23, 2017

A Fresh Clipboard: #4

It's Monday, so we're back to the business of sorting out who's on the USMNT boat as we begin paddling for a new World Cup cycle. Naturally, we're now on to the left center back slot:

John Anthony Brooks

*Cameron Carter-Vickers
Ike Opara
Tim Parker

So, the starter remains the same once he's fit again. Brooks definitely had some major struggles in the Hex, but really he's only just begun to learn to be money. I'm not worried about him.

I am a little concerned with the youthful depth here, though, which is why Carter-Vickers was moved to this side - it was either him or Glad, who I decided was a little less athletic and a little better at moving the ball out of the back. Of course, it doesn't actually matter in the grand scheme of things, I was just trying to keep the two spots equally populated for this exercise. You'll notice that I have three guys listed in the RCB chart marked for the November call sheet.   

Parker is a fairly young guy that played well for the Under-23's last year, and is enjoying a solid MLS campaign. Opara is certainly not young, but he does have low mileage on his wheels. The failed Hex run showed that we could certainly use more pace and nimble feet at the back. I still think he  deserves a chance to show what he can do at this level.

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

Preach it on Opara. Would have been a different discussion this month if he had gotten called in for the last six months. Then again there are several guys who would have done a better overall job than either Gonzo or Besler (even the one clean sheet match, they made mistakes that just werent capitalized on). I would have taken Glad/EPB as the pairing before Gonzo/Besler. le sigh.

Patrick said...

What do you think of Aaron Long? Only 25.

Greg Seltzer said...

I like him, even if he did have a couple stretches filled with concentration lapses. He bears watching next season, as does Crognale, but they have have plenty of people to jump over in this position.