Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Fresh Clipboard: #5

Soooo yeah, the skittish Fire are already making me look bad in my first time out on the MLS Playoff limb in years. Back to the relative comfort of the Clipboard, shall we?

*Danilo Acosta
Gregory Garza
*Jorge Villafaña
Brandon Vincent

Worth watching next season: Marco Farfan

For the first time in a long while (ever?), we actually have several candidates for the left back slot looking forward.

After a quality start to his USMNT career, Villafana has regressed to middling in recent games. That's enough to throw this competition open. Garza relative experience on the other contenders will probably get him first crack at the job, but don't sleep on Vincent. He may well be the guy to grab it eventually. All three of those guys should be able to provide enjoyable service to the attackers, and all three will need to prove (or is it improve?) their defensive mettle on a consistent basis.

If Garza or Vincent becomes free from playoff duty soon enough, one should take Acosta's place in Portugal next month. The Real Salt Lake youngster really belongs on the watch list for next season, but could benefit if the other two remain busy at the day jobs. Farfan, the youngest of them all, was mightily impressive in Portland before being derailed by injuries. Let's all hope that is not a regular glitch for him, because he could actually become the best player on this list when properly seasoned. 

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

Yeah, I think I could make a solid argument that right now that I would take Vincent and Acosta over the two vets. I think Villafana is fine in CONCACAF but his speed issues are what they are.

Garza to me can't play unless he is willing to play smarter in his own third. It's fine for Atl. who don't mind giving up goals, but I don't think it is entirely a coincidence that ATL's strong defensive play at the end of the season has coincided with Garza's unavailability (though, of course, Guzan does and should get a fair amount of credit).

I cringe every time Garza flops to the ground under pressure in his own half of the field hoping to win a call from the ref and usually just turning it over.

Patrick said...

Vincent didn't even look up for MLS much less the USMNT. Adams destroyed him. He looked overweight and slow. Even whiffed on a throw in.

Villafana jumped out of the way for the cross for the Omar own goal. Don't need to see him ever again.

Hope D. Acosta can play.

I think the USMNT should just play K. Acosta there for now. He is too soft and tentative for central midfield. If he moves to Europe he will probably end up there anyway. If he doesn't, he will be passed by younger guys quickly on the depth chart. He might actually become a very good LB.

DaMa said...

Adams has been destroying a lot of folks for the last four weeks or so.

Greg Seltzer said...

Patrick, I think yo uare far too harsh on Villafana and Vincent. And K. Acsta has never looked remotely comfortable at left back, which doesn't fit his skill set or his favored peg.