Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Fresh Clipboard: #11

We now slide over to check out the left wing position, where the USMNT has a wide variety of style choices.

*Lynden Gooch
Jordan Morris
*Kelyn Rowe
Fafa Picault
Kenny Saief

Worth monitoring next season: Kekuta Manneh

Rowe is probably the most well-rounded, and he quickly proved he can offer end product at the international level. It's not wild to consider whether we might have gained the one moment to push over the World Cup qualifying line had he not been sidelined for the last four Hex games.

Morris, who offers more a goal-dangerous penetration game, has more quality Nat appearances than anyone on the list. He has not reached the point of being suitable for every game situation, but might actually be more useful against better quality (read: ball possessing and attacking) teams for now.

It's beyond me how Gooch has received only 634 league minutes over his last two club seasons... but, ya know, it's Sunderland and they like to do strange things that aren't working. As with a few others in this list, I wonder about his defensive game.

It probably shouldn't be too long before Gent man Saief gets back from an injury. He's only had 19 minutes to show what he can do in a US shirt, and that's a shame. He has potential at this level. The 26-year-old. Picault could make for a nice bench weapon as a speed guy who's also a threat with his head. Columbus young buck Manneh remains incomplete but intriguing as a "home-run" threat.

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

Yeah I guess I get using Morris against a team that is dominating possession for his speed, but I am not sure about on the wings. Maybe I am just being unduly pessimistic given our awfulness, but I don't think Morris can pass the ball well enough or has a first touch to be anything other than a goal scoring striker. I'd say maybe someday he will develop another foot, but he is in his 20s and that isn't going to happen.

UnitedDemon said...

Have to say, thought not bringing Rowe along after the Gold Cup was legit stupid on Bruce's part. x-factor with stats in meaningful competition should not be thrown aside so easily. Of course, he was also injured, but it shouldn't have been Arriola or Rowe, it should have been both as options.

Again, hard to make the argument because Rowe got injured.

UnitedDemon said...

And for DaMa,

DaMa said...

Not sure what I am supposed to see from that clip. Jordan Morris playing striker and passing with his right foot? It's a nice pass, but it's not a winger pass... it's not a cross, it's not a drive to the line and pass to the penalty spot... its a flick. A center forward's pass.
Like I said, I just don't think he has the tools to play wing, I like him in front of goal and sprinting past centerbacks.