Sunday, November 5, 2017

An Example of a Dilemma

When we see Christian Pulisic toy with Bayern Munich the way he did yesterday (despite not getting much help), it throws that question of whether he's best utilized on the wing or as the #10. The answer, of course, depends on 1) who we're playing & 2) who else is available to take the slot he doesn't. 

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

Definitely an interesting point. He gave some pretty well-thought-of defenders like Sule and Kimich fits on Bayern's right side all day. I actually spent most of the match thinking that Dortmund should move Pulisic to the middle in an attempt to get out of this funk. Bosz seems to be enamored of Kagawa lately, who seems to be all get ball, turn, shoot. Aubamayeng's struggles are obvious. In a match like that, the middle of Dortmund's attack really struggles, and I think part of the issue is how poorly their central players are playing as compared to earlier this season (other than Gotze, everyone of their central midfielders seems to be off, even Weigl).

I would try something like Dahoud, Weigl and Pulisic in the middle and then Yarmalenko and Gotze on the wings. I know Gotze isnt a wing, per se, but he operates there fine. Obviously, ideally Reus would come back and give the team some more talent options, but good luck with that.

Patrick said...

I've thought Pulisic's looked best on the right this season. But he dominated the game on the left on Saturday. Pulisic also seems to do better when he has a competent fullback on his side. Dortmund have not had an in form fullback on either side since Piszcek was injured. Schmelzer/Guerreiro is maybe getting into form after many injuries.

On the USMNT, we don't have a LB that is near any of those three players. Our RB is very good and if you are going to play Pulisic on a wing, then play him in front of Yedlin.

When Pulisic played wide under Arena, it was in a flat 4-4-2. Dortmund plays 4-3-3 which gives Pulisic all the room to the side of the central forward. I feel the two forwards and lack of midfielder just gets in his way on offense and drags him back too far on defense.

So, yes, play him on a wing but with a three man midfield and in front of your best full back and with only one forward. Or play him at the #10.

Greg Seltzer said...

Well, as you know, I won't be advocating a 4-4-2 of any sort. :)

UnitedDemon said...

Again, check the blog email, Greg. Or Sean, whoever is reading this.