Sunday, November 5, 2017

Here Or There?

Piggy-backing on to that last Christian Pulisic post, it's time to run down all the USMNT guys who will be rightfully considered at more than one position on the Clipboard.

Several of the wingers can be used on either side, but that's fairly obvious, so I skipped over them here. However, there are some very valuable and potentially helpful pieces to think about when it comes to finding optimum positions.

Timothy Chandler
As I mentioned earlier, it might be a great idea to give him a look as a right winger. Not only would we eliminate his defensive frailties, but they guy can gallop and cross with anybody in the pool.

Eric Lichaj
With right back well covered by Yedlin, Lichaj can certainly compete with the left back pool. I know he made mistakes in his recent caps, but do remember he was two months into his offseason at the time.

Geoff Cameron
Considering all the the promising young center backs that require seasoning (and reps with Brooks), I'm still highly tempted to move his leadership to the defensive midfield position.

Emerson Hyndman
Of all the midfielders that could potentially slide up to the #10 slot, I'm most intrigued by the Bournemouth man. Yeah, he really needs to gain some playing time for his club (or another one), but Hyndman seems a bit more decisive in the final third than most.

Tyler Adams
Clearly, he's not needed at right back by the USMNT. However, the electric, insistent Adams could also do some good business at right wing.

Sebastian Lletget
He's already proven he can do a job in both central midfield and on the wing. We just need him to get healthy and then we can figure out his best spot.

Christian Pulisic
On the flank or as the #10? That is the question. For now, it's probably best to slot him behind the striker(s), but that very well could change by the end of the next cycle.

Jordan Morris
The Sounders attacker definitely has more work to do to become a reliable center forward. But hey, the next couple years are all about growth.


Up next, the new dead ball and restart crews. After that, I'll pick call-ups and a starting line-up for the Portugal friendly.

- Greg Seltzer


Dr.Jon said...

I read an article with Hyndman recently and he made it sound as if the injury he sustained at Rangers too far longer to fully heal than anticipated. His fitness is just getting back to the level where is making the first 18. So hopefully he will be used more now that he is 100%.

DaMa said...

That would be great if true, Dr.Jon. I've watched some Bournemouth this season and they certainly can use someone with Hyndman's skill set, if he's ready for it.

Looks like Adams is manning the middle in the middle in the revised NYRB setup today which seems to be a 4-1-3-2. He sure is everywhere. Unfortunate about the ejections, but this could be a coming out half for him nationally. His motor and skill could really control a 10v10.

DaMa said...

Ooooor jesse will move Adams to right back and hope for 2 lucky goals in one match. Really think Marsch made a mistake but he's consistently considered Davis to be the "attacking" player out of Davis or Adams and keeping Adams further back. Anyway.

Patrick said...

McKennie was often ending up up near the striker for Schalke against Freiberg Saturday. On NYRB's should have been second goal, Adams was just under BWP and springs him with a nice one touch pass (very like his assist for Sargent at the U20 WC). Maybe we don't designate a #10, but do something more dynamic where Adams, McKennie and Pulisic move into and out of that space with JGon staying home.

Greg Seltzer said...

I'm not up for any more of this free-form stuff right now. First let's be able to build a reliable organized structure with clearly defined roles.

UnitedDemon said...

All of these are starters in every era but the current one, which proves just how good the US is, and how badly the current, experienced squad of the USMNT flubbed their lines in Trinidad.

I'm hoping all of them kick b8tts.

I haven't read other comments, and won't look for them except when the number becomes bigger.

And, seriously, Greg, reply to my recent email from Thanks!