Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I could go for some...

It wasn't too difficult to pick the back I'd like to see in the USMNT's friendly at Portugal tonight, but there's just so many guys beyond the defense on hand to take a look at - can't see 'em all, unfortunately. In any event, we do get a head start on the next cycle, so it greatly bothers me to see some observes call this a meaningless match.

I certainly see the logic behind starting Agudelo and it wouldn't be the worst idea to get Bedoya in the midfield somewhere. However, I'm quite curious to see how Sapong would react to a first ever start after darn near six years out of the selection. More than that, I definitely would want to make sure we see plenty of the Adams-McKennie two-way alliance, and with a #6 at their backs to lose the leashes.

- Greg Seltzer

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DaMa said...

good call man, you came pretty close on that. i think Agudelo and Acosta looked pretty good as well (loved Acosta's corner service) so some credit to Sarachan, though I imagine if Bedoya was fully fit he would have started cause US coaches are incapable of trying risky things.