Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Your USMNT Line-Up v Portugal

Well... I got the back line I wanted, the central midfield triangle I asked for is there, and Sapong gets a shot. And yet, all I can think about is how we should bar coaches from using a 4-4-2. I mean, why???


- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

Not sure we "learned" anything from this. Stuff we already thought we knew turned out to be right (Miazga/Lichaj should have been more involved in qualifying).

Sure did enjoy seeing how a first 15 minutes a half is supposed to look with that high press put on by Acosta, Mckennie and Adams. I would love to see those 3 dudes doing that in some combination behind/near CP10 for the next 5 years.

I do think if FIFA approached me and said I could play one last play in match and I had to pick a squad and Altidore was unavailable, CJ Sapong would be my starting center forward. I would have a plan B ready for the second half if we needed a goal still (probably Agudelo), but it is really noticeable how different a center forward who wants to pass the ball involves the full team. Our goal is a perfect example of a play that probably breaks down if Bobby Wood is playing CF. I know... broken record :)

DaMa said...

Oh and it's nice to see Miazga has grown into his frame. Just write that cat's name in pen for the next 5 years too. How he and Cameron weren't... sigh... anyway....

Patrick said...

Miazga is better than Omar.
Lichaj is better than Villafana.
Adams is better than Zusi.
McKennie is our best central midfielder.
Danny Williams might be second best.
Sapong is better than Wondo.

That none of the above played till tonight is a crime.

Patrick said...

Giving a German-American the armband was a nice and unexpected gesture. Playing all the guys we wanted too. Never thought I'd say it, but Sarachan can be interim coach. Richie Williams can't stay and Arena being on TV a disgrace.

DaMa said...

Agreed for the most part Patrick. The biggest flaw of Arena's reboot was the fact that he, like MLS coaches everywhere, had no faith in America's talent pool or its youth. Frankly I think CP10 nailed it in his comments earlier about MLS. I love the league but it does not give young Americans a shot.

I said it once, I'll say it a million times. The fact that none of Cameron/Miazga/FabJo/Lichag ALL didnt start the last match is pretty close to on par with omitting LD from 2014. 3 of those with Yedlin would have been my back 4 and he started none of em.

Don't give Sarachan too much credit... I think Bedoya starts and wins the armband if he is fully fit.

Patrick said...

Possibly on Bedoya.

You could slot Pulisic in for Agudelo and rotate Wood with Sapong and roll with that for the next two years. Villafana again turning his back on crosses; he can go now. Lichaj can play there (him two months into his season vs. summer big difference) with a look at Antonee Robinson if he continues to excel at Bolton. Or just move Acosta to LB for now.

Adams probably got a wake up call on MLS vs. International Football but he didn't stand out, in a bad way, as an 18 year old getting his first cap. Didn't complete many passes or dribbles but defended well, and actually got into good goal scoring positions. He must look at McKennie and Pulisic, who are not much older, and might be on the phone already to his agent. Pulisic is going to pull young players to Europe like Donovan made them stay in MLS.

FiveTwo said...

Adams was helping defend right side in defensive third, then pressing the full back in possession, then making an off ball run through the centerbacks, then taking the throw in from the left side attacking half of the field in a 20 second stretch of the game yesterday. His motor is intense. Could use a little polish and more time to get comfortable with teammates, but he has the goods.

Greg Seltzer said...

Yeah, Adams took a while to make himself at home, but once he did it was all action. With some wide backs, I talk about the ability to tilt the field (as in it looks like they are working downhill with how much they keep play down at the other end on their flank). The thing about Adams is he can actually do that both roaming wide and crashing the middle. The great trick will be figuring out how to best fit the McKennie/Adams/Pulisic triangle into the puzzle. Not to sound too optimistic, but sheesh, don't suddenly turn the ball over against that triad in your own end.

DaMa said...

Agree with Greg on Adams. I am not sure when it felt like it clicked in, but even before it did, he was pressing high and throwing off a pretty solid Portugal attack (even with the obvious missing players). And let's not forget, as much as he played there for NYRB this year, that still isn't his natural position AND isn't one he has played often at youth level. And, other than a fluke goal, he helped a pretty raw US team shoutout a pretty accomplished wing player who, admittedly, isn't CR7.

I think this match did what it had to do for American soccer. Provide a glimpse of the light at the end. There is some real talent coming up and clearly some of it should have been playing already.

Adrian said...

My one complaint was that Rowe was on the bench. I liked Agudelo and Sapong switching off holding duties. All in all, it was a lot more fun to watch than most of the games under Bruce.

Dr.Jon said...

Yes to everything. :)