Saturday, December 2, 2017

My MLS Best XI

I truly am a creature of preference: things simply need to be done my way. I can't have the bottom of the blanket tucked in, it's just too hot and restricting. Broccoli and carrots should always be roasted, never ever steamed. And heaven help me, I like my MLS Best XI to be in the form of a line-up that could actually function on the field.

As such, I will politely debate the 3-3-4 monstrosity offered by the league's voters with a 3-5-2 that offers much better pitch coverage and kudos spread around to all the positions used in league play. A simple list of the top 11 players is not my cup of cocoa (I really only drink tea when I'm sick), an all-star team requires some debate, tough decisions, and yes, even some "OMG, HOW COULD YOU LEAVE OFF ______?" blow-back.

So here ya go:

First, I'll share some explanations and then we'll get to my second and third teams.

In my view, Melia, Opara, Valeri, Villa and Polster (at the relatively weaker right back slot) basically pick themselves. Almiron narrowly edges out Vazquez because of all that he offers defensively, while Bradley, Martinez and the other two center backs also squeak in past equally worthy candidates because of the x-factor they provide their respective clubs. Finally, despite Morrow's fine season, I simply could not leave out Jones. Seattle would not be where they are without him and it's a shame they'll soon be losing him for free (though I will look forward to seeing Terrence Boyd feast on all his wonderful service).

And now, we turn to a lot of near-misses that might well have made my Best XI in another year...

Finally, some very honorable mentions: Johnson, Bono, Adams, Long, Jungwirth, Lawrence, Alonso, McCarty, Svensson, Klestan, Scweinsteiger, Delgado,  Higuain, Dzemaili, Alex, Meram, Asad, Elis, Villalba, Barrios, Sapong, O. Kamara

- Greg Seltzer


UnitedDemon said...

I'm shocked at Gio in the third team, but I think you did a bang up job, regardless.

Would love to see these squads play together, round robin, with benches full of players that didn't make the cut.

Greg Seltzer said...

There were so many forwards and midfielders that killed it this season, it was hard to pick through all three teams.