Saturday, January 20, 2018


You may not have noticed, but Eintracht Frankfurt's Timothy Chandler has quietly been on a tear of late. Given the chance to work the left wingback position on Saturday, he bagged the stand-up winner at Wolfsburg. The US international now has a goal and three helpers in the four games since he returned from a meniscus injury.

- Greg Seltzer


UnitedDemon said...

OK, so it's settled. The US is playing a three back with Arriola and Chandler as WB's. DONE!!!!

Unless you think Yedlin is better, than we have another endless argument, but you know what? Sometimes, the wheel of time moves on, and if you can't do a back three at least against some people, you're going to get left behind.

Unless your Barcelona, then always be Barcelona.

Dr.Jon said...

Nice run run from the RB position, we should cap this fella ;)

Greg Seltzer said...

He worked left wingback (3-5-2 style) in this game. Still a good run, but not so good as to come from the opposite side. :)