Sunday, January 28, 2018

Your USMNT Line-Up v Bosnia

Well, it would be lying if I said the alignment is pleasing tonight. However the formation shakes out, there's no one to translate possession into ideas. I'm stunned to see Rowe sitting. It's up to Adams and Roldan to make sure we can gang up on them when we do bring the ball to the final third, and (gulp) the wide players will need to create.

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

Pretty much the epitome of what is wrong with the old-guard of US coaches. Could easily have been Tab Ramos (The Tyler Adams role was essentially pulled straight from the youth WC, but without the high press) or Bruce Arena trotting out 3 defensive midfielders, no attacking creativity, another inexplicable start for Zardes and force Morris to not just play out of position on the wing but as an out and out wide midfielder. Oh and force a struggling centerbarck, who's struggles were clearly on display, to go from start to finish.

Adrian said...

Tottenham: To dare is to do.
US Soccer: Yes, but what if we give up a goal in a meaningless friendly? Creativity sits on the bench.

ZackL said...
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ZackL said...

Not exactly a thrilling spectacle overall, in general, I agree with DaMa: too much graft, not enough craft.

Also, can we stop calling Gyasi in until he at least starts performing well in the MLS again? I get that he runs hard and offers a willing, physical presence on the wings, but it's difficult to justify his inclusion when his form for LA was so woeful last season. Plus, his first touch...we have enough styrofoam-footed attackers as it is.