Saturday, February 10, 2018

And away we go...

As you've likely heard by now, US Soccer got a new president on Saturday, with Carlos Cordeiro winning on the third ballot. I'm sure everyone and their mother will jump in with a take on what that means as far as upsetting the status quo (which I thought was the game all along) over the coming days and weeks and years.

When thinking foremost about the immediate needs/current state/impending direction of the USMNT, these are the two most important instant ripples:

It's not any kind of hot take or anything, but I definitely approve of the US ladies also getting their own GM in a timely fashion. A key transition phase is coming for them before long, and want to see all grounds covered when it can be so easy to laser-focus on the side that just missed World Cup for the first time in yadayadayada.

As for the election result, I'm not feeling much of anything at the moment. I'm not cautiously optimistic, I'm not politely skeptical, I'm just.... here in "show me" mode.

- Greg Seltzer

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