Wednesday, February 21, 2018

First Things First

We're just over a month away from the next US friendly, but also two weeks from the start of the new MLS season. That means we could see some shuffling of our ranks before the USMNT runs up against Paraguay.

Last time, we did a full pool once-over. This time, we will go back to the usual depth chart Clipboard hierarchy. And unlike the last, ohhh, three decades or so, one of the places that is up in the air is in goal. I will freely admit that my thoughts on this station could certainly change a good bit as the weather warms.

Brad Guzan
Bill Hamid
Zack Steffen

Stefan Frei
Sean Johnson
Alex Bono

Guzan currently gets the starting nod benefit of doubt due to A) his experience & B) sloppy handling from both keepers directly behind him during the Bosnia game. It unnerves me a great deal when netminders create opportunities for the opposition out of thin air.

Still, Hamid (who I'm giving a little time to battle for starts in his new home) and Steffen may as well be listed as options 1B and 1C. It's that close. Johnson and Bono, each of whom impressed last season, could also rise in the ranking if given a shot. The same could be said for Frei, but he probably needs a chance sooner rather than later to stick around this battle.

- Greg Seltzer


Patrick said...

Is Frei eligible? If you are gong with middling MLS guys, why not Robles or Melia? Too old? Then go with Klinsman or Jesse Gonzales.

Unknown said...

Horvath fell quickly. Seemed to be going so well for him before the Portugal friendly.

reanalyst said...

Imho, we should field lineups not in an attempt to win meaningless games now, but with an eye to 2022. With that perspective, why bother playing Guzan at all? He's not great; will he be great et 37? We should give experience to younger players.