Friday, March 9, 2018

From Left Field

I gotta tell ya, this position has been the basis for so very much of my "back and forth and back over it again" in portioning out the depth charts. Names have gone in and out of this list multiple times, and how it's populated affects other places on the field. AGH, I'm just over it now. Let's do this, so I can move on already.

Jorge Villafaña
Greg Garza

Getting there:
Danilo Acosta, Antonee Robinson, Brandon Vincent
Under surveillance this season: Marco Farfan

The first thing you will notice is that we are one short of the usual three top choices for a given position. The reason for this is that, as well as he's playing, I've reluctantly decided (for now anyway) to move on from Justin Morrow. I feel for the guy, he could have been starting World Cup games this summer, but there simply are no competitive matches close enough on the calendar to justify his place. We just need to season the younger choices, and that's that.

As such, I have Villafaña penciled in slightly ahead of Garza. He's earned back the starting job at Santos, and at 28, can help bridge the gap until the kids are alright. Garza (who is 26) is probably in the same boat, but both have a two-way flank game that help this team achieve some balance as we try to grow something moving forward.

And, yes, there is a guy currently faring well in a great league as a left wingback in a 3-5-2... but we'll talk about him soon enough. As it stands, when talking about a four-man back line, I would absolutely be in favor of always having at least one of the three green youngsters in every camp from here on out. The next firm starter at this post is likely to come out of that group.

Acosta is probably the best defensively at this time, but needs work on the ball. Vincent gets forward the best, but should drill his one-v-one defending extra hours. Robinson is in the middle of these extremes, but also the one rising the fastest these days. It could be an exciting competition - especially if Farfan follows up well on a nice rookie campaign that ended too soon.

- Greg Seltzer

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Patrick said...

Villafana, Garza, Vincent, and Morrow are not good enough. They don't bring anything that Robinson can't do. Villafana turned his back on the T&T first and never cuts out a cross.

Let Robinson play. Then keep an eye on Farfan, Dest, D. Acosta, Gloster and Fossey. Bello could break through before 2022 too.