Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Thing One

Okay, I changed my mind. We're gonna split the USMNT Clipboard line-up looks by formation. Tomorrow's 3-5-2 recap will feature three different potential looks, but for now the lone 4-3-3 set-up:

Honestly, I wouldn't mind also testing out a version that has someone speedy pushing Saief from the left to the No. 10 slot, with Pulisic wide right. Really, most everything is open to personnel tweaks. The keeper job is wide open, and the same can be said for left back. Brooks carries an asterisk because he's recovering from an injury, so in the interim it would be nice to see Palmer-Brown team up with Miazga. 

The midfield is also ripe for rotation, but I'm not interested in squeezing Adams and McKennie into the same triangle at the expense of a genuine No. 6. There's no need to break positional integrity (and tactical foundation building with it) when we haven't even entered the next cycle.

There is no such think as a meaningless friendly, and especially not now. This is the time to learn things about how to develop our blueprint, and there is so much to learn. I still believe this formation will be our best bet a few years down the road... but it is the ideal shape right now? I can't yet say. Bring on the next friendly.

- Greg Seltzer

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