Monday, April 2, 2018

Was he or wasn't he?

There was so very much to unpack from the LA Galaxy's monster derby rally on Saturday, but the main question revolves around the second and winning Zlatan Ibrahimović strike.

Was he onside or not?

Yesterday, I stated that he was "clearly" offside, but I'm going to need to retract that. And it's not that better views of the play have  switched me to thinking he was actually no further than level with the ball when Ashley Cole strikes the cross - far from it. In fact, both the freeze frame I put together (click to enlarge) and Stuart Holden's more straight-across look keep me thinking that he was probably at least leaning past the offside plane.

But that doesn't really matter because it is far closer than I originally thought. So close that it can't be considered a clear and obvious error, which means it isn't up for VAR review. The goal should rightfully stand and that should be that.

And now, for fans of the old Brad Friedel manifesto, I pass this along...

- Greg Seltzer

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