Saturday, May 19, 2018

This Is What You Need: Beastie Boys

Some may argue that a couple other teams should be mentioned along the mighty best of the East, but I'm limiting this group to proven MLS Cup contenders.

Atlanta United

Yes, the Five Stripes are generally riding a steamroller early in the season. And yet, one couldn't help but worry about their postseason prospects if they don't replace the offseason sale of Carmona. I've been in agreement with preaching MLS colleague Matt Doyle all along, Atlanta still could make great use of a stingy starting-quality defensive midfielder. They should also get on Monconduit's trail (if they aren't already).


Toronto FC's plight has proven that no team can have too many strong players around the pitch, but barring a similar crisis, the Pigeons don't really have a screaming need anywhere on the roster. What they do need is another approach to hold in their pocket for those rare, and often important occassions when a high press (hello, Red Bulls!) is giving them absolute fits.

New York Red Bulls

Unfortunately, what Jesse Marsch's side is lacking cannot be acquired in a transfer window, promoted from the reserve side or even drilled over the regular season. The only thing that can really bring this team to a new level is getting the job done when the chips are on the knockout line. They simply have to earn it in the playoffs (and/or the US Open Cup final).

Toronto FC

Yep, I'm in the crowd that has not wavered in listing the champs in this group. There should be little doubt that something approximating their regular selection would end a lot of the tactical shuffling and bring a rocket boost up the table. That core group has lost 56 man games to injuries through 10 games, and another 20 or so to bans and Champions League breathers. So yeah, I firmly believe they just need a big dose of health.

- Greg Seltzer

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