Monday, May 21, 2018

This Is What You Need: The Ol' Reliables

In this edition of me telling MLS coaches and GM's how to improve their side (fun times!), we will only cover three clubs. But these are three of the most consistently competitive teams around, and each is looking good again this season.

Over the last decade, today's trio has combined to chalk up two league crowns, another pair of MLS Cup appearances, three Supporters Shields and four US Open Cup titles. Not too shabby, boys... but we can do even better.

It's too easy to simply point out that the Crew really need to start making up for the offensive production that went to Orlando with Meram. Everybody and their mother knows this. They have an international slot and could buy down a DP, but it might not be so easy to recruit with their future home address currently up in the air. I don't have an easy answer, but maybe a few suggestions for the guys already on staff. Move Santos to the left to play as more of a natural winger, give Hansen more time on the right and Grella can be the super sub. Martinez does a lot of nice things, but he has to take part in at least some goal plays to keep drawing so many minutes.

FC Dallas

Oh, the Toros Tejanos could absolutely score more. But the real issue here over the last couple seasons has been a lack of proper game management when it comes to sealing points. They leaked late result-worsening goals six times last year, and have already suffered three second half equalizers this season. As above, I have no great and magical solution to offer here. But they really need to be more mindful with the ball - and, sure, more lethal on the counter - when playing with a lead past halftime. They're giving the defense too many lapses to scramble over with too small a margin for error.

Sporting KC

Take a wild guess. Despite the team's torrid offensive start, there is still one Dwyer-sized hole in this group. And it's starting to show. Sporting has managed but four goals in their four contests, after ringing up 20 (!) in the seven before that. Yes, they lead the league in shot attempts, but still have only two goals from central strikers. I know that this bit has other MLS destinations suggested for Quinones and Cavallini, but either would likely get super fat playing atop this side.

- Greg Seltzer

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