Thursday, May 24, 2018

This Is What You Need: The Question Marks

This grouping gathers the ones who are pretty good but have a glaring problem together with those who are the 11-man embodiments of an enigma. I've listed them in order of predicted point total finish.

Orlando City

After starting the season in a selection crisis, the Lions have fallen into place piece by piece. They even play well in losses, now. What could send them into the category of East beast? They really need Spector back to lead that back line. It runs extremely hot-and cold without him, and, well, so shall their results.


This is another team that allows too many goals to stand among the top contenders. And like Orlando City, the Dynamo are desperately needing a return from a key structural piece. In March, Houston thought Cabezas would miss a couple of weeks with a quad knock; he hasn't dressed since 17 goals in the nine games since. His return would both shield the defense and allow the other midfielders more license to spur attack.


I could go on and on about how Carl Robinson just can't seem to make up his mind on how best to man and arrange the starting line-up. Really, I could. It's causing this team problems. But the hard, cold reality is they need to find a center back from somewhere with Kendall Waston headed off to Russia soon. Actually, they need when he's available, too.

New England

Count me in the gang that can't figure the Revs out yet. I feel like they have holes in their game, their line-ups, their approach - but they're getting results anyway. For now, that is. It could all tumble down if they don't show more. And I'm not yet sure how that should happen. Ask me again after they play Atlanta and the Red Bulls back-to-back next week.


Duh. You all know what I'm gonna say. Open the wallet and seal a deal. A #10 for July 10th. If the Fire really want a veteran star freebie, they should chase Honda before Torres.

Real Salt Lake

Oh geez, which do I choose? What are they crying out for most? There's a serious issue on each line of their 4-3-3. But hey, Baird has been a bit of a revelation. If he was their second most productive striker, that would be grand. Of course, RSL has no open international slot. They do have Ortuño, who has yet to shine in MLS. Petke & Co. best get right to the job of figuring out how to make him productive. Even if that means switching formation to cover their lack of speed in midfield.

- Greg Seltzer

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