Sunday, June 3, 2018

This Is What You Need: The Troubled Ones

Actually, one of the five teams below has risen out of the muck to dispel plenty of worries in recent weeks. The other four... well, they're still feeling desperate.


When I started outlining this series, the Union had lost four of five and been shut out in six of eight. Since then, Dockal has found his place to key an offensive surge, the defense has tightened up and Philly are knocking on the playoff zone door thanks to the 3-0-1 run that preceded Saturday's admirable nine-man loss in Atlanta. They obviously don't fit in with this group anymore, but here we are. At this point, ya know what they really need most? For David Accam to start producing like David Accam. That development could act as a three-fer, because extra attention paid to the left wing would give fellow slumper C.J. Sapong added space and the Ghana attacker's speed would keep opposing defense more honest on that side of the field.

D.C. United

The capital crew are another team playing better after a rough start. The attack is now actually producing, the midfield crisis seems to have been sorted out and Wayne Rooney is well on his way to town. The back line remains the major problem here. It would be foolish to turn away any upgrade to the central and right back ranks, but the left back slot is killing them. Seeing as how they have no international slots (and thus, must acquire one to sign Rooney), it would be wise to start/continue looking around the league to deal some of that midfield depth for help in defense. 

Minnesota United

We can talk all day about the horrible rash of injuries that had demolished their attack before Quintero arrived to liven things back up. They're also missing veteran cogs in deep midfield. However, the Loons are another side that is hurting most at the back. The arrival of hometown boy Miller has helped, but this club badly needs a reliable center back to lift all defense boats (so to speak). They should have thought of this before Calvo went off for World Cup duty, because the summer window won't open for just over a month. Harsh.


Look, it's great to have a plan and ambitions to change a club's drab style of play. The problem is the new boss doesn't quite have the personnel necessary to pull off the 3-5-2. The Rapids generally stay in games (five one-goal defeats during their current seven-game slide), so maybe they aren't that far away. Injury returns from Ford and Hairston will certainly help. However, the coach doesn't seem to trust Azira or Boateng in the important #6 role. Colorado has an DP slot available and international spots to spare. Those who win MLS Cup typically do it with a monster who can guard the defense and move the ball along cleverly. This team is dead bottom in possession (something you need to enact Hudson's plan) and third-to-last in passing percentage (something you need to be higher to enact Hudson's plan). They could use an array of things, but they aren't going anywhere in Hudson's system without a standout midfield metronome.


Again, we could pick several different routes here. There's a decent amount of work that needs to be done - just perhaps not so much as a couple others on this list. And there's may also be more obvious. The fact is Montreal needed to replace the departed Ciman even before three defenders not nearly as good as him went down with injuries. As the required roster slots are in pocket these days, Impact fans should hope they don't still need to do that by the time all of them have returned.

- Greg Seltzer

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Dude give us some transfer rumors like you used to. When's Carleton going to Europe? Who's interested in Pulisic?