Saturday, July 14, 2018

Starting Over: #10

Now that I'm done watching the D.C. Roo-boys christen their new digs with a victory, it's time for a rundown of the easiest position to pick a starter and the toughest position to populate.

Christian Pulisic

Hmm, maybe another option: Lynden Gooch*, Kelyn Rowe*, Kenny Saief*
Find some PT, man: Emerson Hyndman
The seasoned hand: Benny Feilhaber

No surprise, Pulisic is the man here. Sure, some would prefer him out on the wing, but this thin depth chart combined with the number of potential options out wide obviously dictates that CP10 runs the show from the hole. Duh. However, if Saief, Rowe or Gooch (who are wearing asterisks because their primary listing will come at another position) can show a little sumpinsumpin playing behind the striker, maybe moving Pulisic to the flank on occasion can be discussed. Each has the required skills, but maybe not the mindset needed to take the attack keys.

Hyndman clearly needs to get himself into a much busier club situation. Honestly, it's hard to truly judge his international potential until he earns playing time in a league better than the SPL. As for Benny Boy, he is my pick out of three veteran MLS name brand guys for the "In case of emergency, break glass" option. After pondering it for a good while, I just think he'd be better than Kljestan or Nguyen at upholding the system in a 4-3-3. I'm guessing LAFC fans would agree with me on that. Yeah? Good. He can help keep things running in "business as usual" mode when Pulisic and the rest of the Europe-based fellas are unavailable for selection.

- Greg Seltzer

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