Thursday, July 19, 2018

Starting Over: #11

We now move over to the bookend left wing slot, which features a bigger crowd, the most solid USMNT flank player of the moment (when he's fit, that is) and our hottest young speed threat prospect.

Kenny Saief
Kelyn Rowe
Timothy Weah

Hangin' around: Julian Green
Keep it going and we'll talk: Romain Gall
Please get out of Sunderland: Lynden Gooch
One to watch this season: Timothy Tillman

Saief is a legit starting-caliber guy because he's so comfy and proactive on the ball. Now we just need him to stay healthy and regain form. Because of that, Rowe is currently the most reliable choice because he can make the final play. While Weah has to start earning more club minutes to develop consistency, he should always be included in camp because vroom vroom vroooom.

I'm not sold on the idea of Julian Green as a #10, but I have seen him do a bit of damage in a US shirt from left wing. He's a threat to breach the top three because he's one of those guys who can angle his way into the box with regularity and consistent PT should now be at hand. Sometimes, it just takes a real extended run for a talented youngster to break out. That also applies to Gooch, who needs to make a move away from Sunderland, for oh so many reasons. I still have hopes for him because he has the skills to run at the box on an unnerving diagonal line and routinely trouble keepers with shots from the 20-25 meter range. Meanwhile, Gall has moved up in the Allsvenskan world by joining holders Malmö FF. He'll jump in the US frame if he stays hot and enjoys some runs in Europe because he's a goal threat from the flank-type.

You may notice a few guys who wore asterisks as depth options in the #10 chart. We really could throw Tillman in that group because he demonstrated production potential there during his first Bayern Munich II season. The teen, who will get his first shot at first team pitch time while on loan at FC Nürnberg this term, starts his Clipboard time at this position because of his two-way, at pace abilities. 

- Greg Seltzer

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DaMa said...

If Saief wasn't here I'd be feeling the same way about 11 as I did with 7. We need some young guys to make a move. Which means we need them to get playing time. Not gonna happen for Weah at PSG (and apparently Gooch at Sunderland, which... your guess is as good as mine). Hell even Rowe is having trouble getting a fair shake by the Bunbury obesessed Friedel. queue my grr