Sunday, July 1, 2018

Starting Over: #5

Injuries have robbed the left back slot of a couple contenders, and it's helped one youngster shoot to the top of the list.

Antonee Robinson
Jorge Villafaña
Danilo Acosta

I'm rather curious: Ben Sweat, Zarek Valentin

Please, oh please, let Robinson develop into a top shelf two-way asset. I can't describe how much I love his lateral quickness and body positioning at the defensive end, and he's already showing signs of being a legit assist threat up the flank. Just when we count Villafaña out, he plays well. As soon as we count on him, he disappoints. And that's why you always have an Acosta ready to season. 

Stylistically, Sweat is basically a luxury option. But against certain CONCACAF bunkers, he might actually offer something of value. Valentin (a natural righty) is solid on and off the ball, and he just strikes me as one of those players that can reach a new level when wearing his country's shirt. They're both depth picks, but interesting ones.

- Greg Seltzer

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