Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Your USMNT Line-Up v Guyana

So we're obviously sticking with the right back wrinkle without Yedlin and without Adams, at least for this first game. I don't have a problem with that, nor do I mind giving Altidore added rest against the weak sister in Group D... provided the team actually performs, of course.

As usual, I'll see you on the other side with USMNT player ratings over at MLSS. Gold Cup ho!

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

I mean I get not starting Jozy.... but the fact that our plan b is zardes is kind of depressing. He's just .... not good enough. I mean he will never be good enough. I'm not sure about Arriola (great he had a goal... I think against a better team he would have more value as a wingback...s till makes too many mistakes with the ball), Lima has a chance in the right setup... Boyd I can see how he gives us some avenues of attack other than just Pulisic and pray.... but Zardes will never ever ever ever ever be good enough. The end.

Anyway... I like how the formation sets up for us a bit better than the gimicky rb/cm thing. Most everyone looks comfortable in their role. Seems like plenty of athletic CB cover for Ream's inevitable horror show. Put Adams at the base of the midfield 5 (asssuming this is kind of a 3-1-4-1 (or 3-2-4-1 or 3-1-4-2 depending on where Weston and CP10 float) and a semi competent striker who can create a chance and ... we didnt look as bad as the scoreline says.

I really kind of think Arriola isnt good enough other than as a wingback. I could see him getting there in a couple of years. We really need to figure out this winger situation. Boyd looks legit, but I'd be trying Morris as an inverted LW. That dude will work just as hard as Arriola.

DaMa said...

hahahahahahahahahaha sometimes being made of stone pays off :)

Dr.Jon said...

Morris isn't good enough 1v1 to be a winger either and I would take Arriola over him. In reality, the only wingers we have for now is Boyd and Pulisic. We are getting there, still some holes to fill.

Still have a LB problem. Who else in the midfield. Who is the striker?

Pulisic -- Somebody -- Boyd

McKennie -- Adams -- Somebody

Somebody -- Brooks -- MIazga -- Lima

ZackL said...

I mean Gyasi's goal, where the ball caromed off of his face into the net, that's his career in a nutshell. He's the athletic equivalent of an extremely clean glass door that people walk into because they don't realize it's there.

But goal aside, he's really not good enough at this level.

Happy with the win, and with the fact that the team seemed to be more or less on the same page/putting in some effort.

However, there were a number of times where the transition play stalled out in midfield, with Bradley standing on the ball looking for an option. My concern is that another team will opt to press him (or Trapp) in those moments. And then we'll be looking at the Jamaica/Venezuela games all over again. And of course, worries about the LB spot persist. Along with any number of other questions about our wings, and where Pulisic's best position is, etc.

Again, glad for the win, but we'll see how the team plays as the GC continues.

DaMa said...

I'm fine with Pulisic in the classic 10 spot. He showed an ability and willingness to hit a few long balls to arriola last night which were pretty solid. Not a part of his game we often see, but its good to see he can add that.

I know Morris's only trick is hit-ball-long-beat-you-with-speed.... but i think he has been working on that (we saw a couple of solid left footed plays before he got injured). Maybe Arriola gets there, he certainly has some of the tools (brain and motor) but he is still way too wasteful. He isn't going to get 10 chances a game against real competition.

Not sure what to say about LB. for my money we should be jamming you guys into the spotlight until we find one who works. I am not giving up on Robinson yet. How long before we can try Gloster there?

ZackL said...

I still feel Pulisic's best position is on the wing, but he's our best option at the 10 spot for now. But to your point he's clearly trying to adjust his game to fit the team's needs, which is always heartening.

Hard to know how Boyd will pan out with just a sample size of two games, but he did offer something on the wing. So if I had to pick between Arriola and Morris on the other side, I'd take Arriola, if only because of his better work rate. Since the LB spot is such a glaring weakness I feel that we'll need cover on that side.

Speaking of which, yeah, Gloster please get first team minutes somewhere. PLEASE. GET. MINUTES.