Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Your USMNT Line-Up v Jamaica

Ya know, I've twice promised to come back with a USMNT roster reaction, but when I sat down to them it just seemed prematurely pointless until the actual Gold Cup squad came out. Tonight's eleven for the first tourney tune-up kinda validates that twice-repeated feeling. This is obviously the "last ditch, make a pitch" audition game.

And I'll be honest, looking at this line-up card, I cannot quite piece together what formation we're going to see. Consider me truly baffled. Is it a 3-5-2? Is it a poorly staffed 4-5-1? Like, what is this?

We'll find out soon enough and after the whistle I'll grade it all over at MLSS.

- Greg Seltzer


ZackL said...

That was bad. Real. Bad.

Crystal prather said...

Yeah, well looking at the lineup that started the game. Placing the bulk of our chance creations at the feet of Robinson and Arriola is not gonna do it at any level. Feel bad for Sergent, thought he looked good in spots with his hold up play but jeez where was the attack supposed to come from in this team. Roldan? I guess. For all the pronouncements of European based players being more deserving than their MLS counter parts, Robinson showed tonight that European starts dont always translate into good player jeez

ZackL said...

That was definitely the worst game I've seen Robinson play in a US jersey. And I think some of the creative burden was on Mihailovic as well. But the whole team looked out of sorts, from top to bottom. I'm not sure if it was the line-up, the tactics, or just an off night. But man, it was bad.

I think, to your point about Europe v. MLS, the Jamaica team last night had a number of guys who play in the USL. So the league you're in isn't always an automatic indicator of quality. Especially at the international level where tactics are so, so important. Clearly, almost nobody in a US jersey showed up to play last night (save for Holmes IMO) but I think a lot of the blame goes to Berhalter for indulging in some needless tinkering.

It's just one game of course, but it's not what you want to see before the Gold Cup.