Saturday, June 22, 2019

Your USMNT Line-Up v Trinidad & Tobago

No changes to the card for this one, which means a few guys will need to lift their level is the Nats are to serve up a cold dish of revenge to the Soca Warriors. Of course, I'll have my USMNT ratings over at MLSS after the game.

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

I mean that wasn't a bad half. Certainly cleaner than match 1. But you could pretty much lob the exact same criticisms: zardes is not even remotely goal dangerous, bradley looks slow and arriola is too wasteful in the final third.

starting to get a bit worried about how weston is going to get reffed in concacaf, a la onyewu. not saying he doesnt commit some fouls, but a few of those are just a guy trying to overpower him and getting muscled off and Weston getting called for the after shock.

DaMa said...

marked improvement, which is, i think, what the point is, thats how we are supposed to play against trinidad.

i worry that GB will read too much in to something like zardes/arriola getting a couple of layups against trinidad.

hope he took notice of Morris. I'd still like to see morris and boyd as my wings unless i felt like i needed more of a wingback.

Joe Bailey said...

Zardes did well today. No, he’s not the answer for the no. 9 spot but he raised his game and scored two goals. Big Ups to my NY Red Bull Aaron Long!

DaMa said...

yeah much better day for long. as for zardes... i mean nobody is saying he cant bury sitters. the question is can he create offense like jozy did for goal 6. the answer, alas, is: no. give him credit for finishing the 2nd goal for sure... it was pretty. but he was in alone and you let's not pretend that was curled in upper 90.

like i said, good job, for sure. but this is trinidad, not mexico. let's keep improving. (and find a left back)

Greg Seltzer said...

Well now, Zardes' second was certainly no sitter. And he helped build the play for his first. It was a good all-around showing for him tonight, gotta give credit when it's due. Same goes for Bradley and McKennie, they really helped Pulisic drive play forward.

And let's not just dismiss T&T out of hand. They were, after all, the team that kept us out of World Cup. This was precisely the type of win this team needed. Now we have to build on it.

DaMa said...

I'm definitely not saying the second was a sitter. But it looked a lot better live than on the replay. I mean a bit of bend, but mostly seemed like the keeper was a bit late and could have gotten to it. I think Gyasi is a solid MLS striker who can finish what he should finish at a high enough rate to make you not care TOO much about some of the awful misses. If that is better than Josh Sargent I will eat my computer.

I still think Bradley looked slow in the first half. I think the days of him being able to run the middle by himself are over. Thats probably not a strong statement. With Weston there he can definitely do a pirlo/marchisio impression as a deep lying smart field general... but i wouldnt want to try that against the top teams in the world (which is exactly what i fear berhalter has in mind). Once the US was dominateing the game in the second half, his ability to play that role was nice.... but a lot of that was Weston having a much more influential second half.

I hear you. There is a degree of catharsis to it being a huge win against TnT. A 2-0 win probably wouldnt have had that effect. Hopefully this gets the team it's confidence and guys like CP10 and Weston continue to realize how dominant they can be at this level. But the reason why TnT was so devestating was precisely because they are TnT. The fact that we fell out because of a loss against them shoudlnt make us pretend that that is a good team.

Better than Guayana? Sure. A much needed performance? Tep. But that's it. I don't think we really learn anything about this team until the knock out rounds. Panama is through and presumably both teams will be pretty heavily rotated.