Tuesday, July 16, 2019

And so it begins again...

The Gold Cup (i.e. competitive matches) are beyond us for a few months, which makes it a fine time to crank up the ol' Clipboard. And as there is no proper tourney on the horizon, I'll be expanding the depth charts a bit. As usual, we'll start with the guys in goal...

Zack Steffen
Ethan Horvath
Sean Johnson

In the frame: Stefan Frei, Bill Hamid, Tyler Miller

There really should be no surprise with the first two. Yeah, Steffen had a couple of nervy moments early in the Gold Cup, but he's the real deal. Horvath, who's made great strides in the last year, has repeatedly shown he can raise his level to meet scary opponents. Johnson takes the third spot for now because he has some experience and distributes pretty well (a big plus in Gregg Berhalter's system).

I, for one, am not ready to just chuck Frei aside without a look. He has just been too good for too long to be ignored, regardless of his age. Hamid might still be the best pure shot-stopper in the bunch, so it seems silly he has yet to bust 450 field minutes for the Nats. Miller has quietly remained a decent depth choice.

- Greg Seltzer

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DaMa said...

is there a subtle GB picked him so he gets the edge thing going here with Sean John? I mean I watch a LOT (all) of MLS soccer and, living in NYC, I have seen every minute of every match he has played... and I just can't convince myself that he is number 3. I don't think he makes my top 5 of US MLS based keepers, which would be some order of Hamid, Bingham (has been sneaky good with how bad LAG defense is), Miller, Guzan, Steffen. I'd also have Frei and Melia in front of him too. Heck, if I am being honest, I think Zack McMath is a better keeper too, but that may be going too deep for some people (I kinda think its been a big subtle "too bad" for american soccer that he has been stuck behind some quality keepers in MLS).

Aaaaaanyway ;)