Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Long Game

I will get back on the Clipboard later today to tackle the right back position, but first let's get into the transfer scene surrounding Red Bulls defender Aaron Long. This technically rates as an Offside Flag because I can confirm that rumored suitor Southampton is in fact not after the reigning MLS Defender of the Year - but the true parts of the story are actually more interesting.

As noted over the weekend by FS1 commentator Brian Dunseth, Long has been the subject of multiple transfer offers out of the EPL. What he did not note was that a) both offers came from the same club trying twice and b) the Red Bulls are thus far (according to Long's agent) "not willing to even entertain a negotiation." This is in spite of the fact that c) the US international wants to make the move.

Long also has interest from elsewhere in Europe; I highly suspect at least some of it is coming from the Bundesliga, but as of yet have been unable to confirm that.

- Greg Seltzer

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dwc414141 said...

Thanks for the info on the Long rumors. Hopefully NYRB will find a deal that satisfies them and Long