Thursday, July 18, 2019

What's right is right.

First of all, bonus points for anyone who noticed my "The Detour" reference. Now to business. I wrote that the Clipboard ranks would expand now that the Gold Cup is in the rear view mirror. But that does not apply to every depth chart. For right back, I'd make it a three-man dogfight for now.

DeAndre Yedlin
Reggie Cannon
Nick Lima

After his largely excellent title game showing against Mexico, I was tempted to give the top spot to Cannon. And it's true that we have not seen Yedlin's best in a USMNT shirt for a long while. However, I'll need to see a little more for the kid to supplant the young vet. Perhaps the new boss can help the Newcastle (but for how long?) defender regain top form. Lima is a solid choice to round out the lead trio.

There are a few others that can have a say eventually (Rosenberry? Moore? Araujo? Perhaps even Herrera?), but we'll just keep that crowd on watch for the time being. 

- Greg Seltzer


willsaxton said...

Sergiño Dest?

Greg Seltzer said...

Soon enough, but I'd like to see him get first team minutes before throwing him in the mix. If he gets them and shines, he'll shoot up the chart quickly.

Patrick said...

Funny how we have to wait for first team minutes, but meanwhile play guys that also wouldn't start for Ajax. As soon as he gets minutes, he vaults ahead. But he was the same player as before he got on the field for Ajax.

This "first team minutes" rule is too hard and fast and illogical.

Greg Seltzer said...

Except that's not what I said. :)

I said he has to play well in those first team minutes. But I disagree that expecting players to get into the first team is illogical, it's a very different animal to lower levels, regardless of the league. And it only stands to reason that players are better equipped to contribute in the USMNT first team after they've shown mettle in a club first team.

Greg Seltzer said...

For that matter, I'd also argue that players are exactly the same before and after they start playing first team football.

Greg Seltzer said...

*aren't* exactly the same, I should say.

URGH, wish this comment system had editing!

Patrick said...

Thanks Greg. I would argue that being on the "1st team" for Jong Ajax and on the fringes of the Ajax team is equivalent if not more competitive than starting for the Montreal Impact. Continuing to use Dest as an example, but it would be true of Weah and Sargent, unless the current USMNT players could also, are also, playing first team soccer for a team equivalent to Ajax, then we are setting the bar at different heights for different players simply based on geography.

It is illogical to choose Lovitz over Dest if Dest is better. We cannot assume Lovitz is better because he plays "first team" and Dest plays "reserve", because the competitive levels are so far apart. For example, Curacao was very competitive against the USMNT fielding players basically that are below where Dest is, in the same pyramid. Lovitz might be better, but we cannot know unless they are playing in the same environment.

Historically, players that performed well at the U20 WC have been good enough for the USMNT. Similarly, it is rare that any player on the fringes of a Champions League team has looked out of place for the USMNT. I can't think of any player that was #3 on the depth chart of a UCL team that didn't look up to it for the USMNT.

But we can go around and around. Thanks again!

DaMa said...

The problem is whether you are correctly identifying Lovitz as worse than Dest (not that Lovitz is in the RB discussion, but lets pretend) without seeing Dest against first team competition. It's all well and good to see Dest at the U20 WC and say he played well he should be the guy... but there were times where he looked like he might have issues defending against top competition. The "need for the first team minutes" is a way of saying its one thing to blow past 18-19 year olds without sacrificing too much defensively... but let's see what that happens when its against real first team players.

Conversely, nobody was saying Pulisic needed more first team minutes a couple of years ago when he was first breaking through with dortmund. It was clear he was at a minimum "good enough." Dest may be the guy soonish... but I suspect he will get torched by good wingers the same way Antonee Robinson did.

Patrick said...

Dest played a season in the Dutch 2nd division, against grown men. France's U20 team would be title contenders in MLS.

The first team minutes thing only makes sense if all our players were playing at the same level. But they are not. All such a rule would do is skew the player pool older and in MLS.