Tuesday, September 10, 2019

What I'd Like To See

Of course, I'd rather see a few other names in tonight's USMNT selection (e.g., Hollingsworth, Hyndman and even Green or Gall, among those fully fit, not otherwise occupied or begging out of a call-up... damn you, Nagbe!!).

But here we are, and as such, we may as well learn some things about some players before the real matches start up again next month.

Let's start in goal. I'm not entirely convinced Gonzalez has a real future in the frame, but as we already know what Guzan offers, there's no harm in finding out where the FC Dallas youngster stands at this level. Same goes for Lovitz. Lima can shift over to left back around the hour to demonstrate how he handles that side (more learning), making room for another Dest shift. It's time to give Robinson a start and for Long to rally from a bad outing.

In the midfield, let's see if Roldan can actually operate as a dedicated defensive midfielder. It's not the best experiment ever designed, but honestly, what other great choice do we have? There's no proper gate-keeper on hand (so annoying). That we we can see how Yueill direct trafiics and how Pomykal moves the team into the final third.

The attack line kinda speaks for itself, but I really want both Boyd and Morris to take the governers off, throw caution to the wind and run at every defender they see.

Oh, and for heavens sake, can we see some game management by the management? This "against all sense" stuff is for the birds. 

- Greg Seltzer

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