Saturday, September 21, 2019

Wide Receivers (L)

While there's no fully-rounded runaway choice here at this time, the Clipboard does show an array of special skills sprinkled throughout and at least two guys I'd be comfrortable starting an important game.

Paul Arriola
Jordan Morris
Jonathan Lewis

Improving: Julian Green
Gotta settle that club life: Kenny Saief
Worth monitoring: Lynden Gooch, Memo Rodriguez
Situational use only: Fafa Picault

Arriola's two way wheels make him the optimum starter in front of some unknown variable or another playing left back. Morris has raised his wing game, and no one can say he goes without a left foot anymore. The only guy fit for the left-side who takes it to the endline for a danger feed better than the Seattle man is Lewis, but can he offer a complete game at this level? He remains a potentially killer bench weapon  for now.

Green has started the 2.Bundesliga season well playing behind the striker, but I'd rather use him wide in a red, white & blue jersey. While Saief has verve that translates to this level, he really needs to either find his way back to relevance or his way out at Anderlecht.

Gooch is capable of causing trouble in attack, but it sure would be nice if a Championship came to grab him in January and he replecated form there. Rodriguez is actually best when there's enough proven worrisome talent in attack that he's an afterthought to the opposing defense (related note: we ain't there yet. He started the season better than he's finishing it, but then Houston has been a shell of its early self. Though Picault doesn't jump straight out, he can defend, race behind and compete. Those are all worthy things in the international game.    

- Greg Seltzer

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