Thursday, October 24, 2019

Once more unto the conference semis, dear friends...

So I took my first L of the playoffs, in the most MLS way possible. Let's get right back on the horse, winners are underlined.

Philadelphia @ Atlanta

I'm a bit concerned about the left side of Atlanta's back line and the fact that Remedi is not starting this game - of all games and of all foes to leave him out. I don't know, man. If Santos can match his impact from the last round in this one, we may have a doozy on our hands. Still, the Five Stripes are lined up to score and Martinez should be able to school the young Union center backs a time or two. And if Blake has any more yips... big trouble around the #7 in red and black. This one should be entertaining and eventually heartbreaking for a game Philly side.

LA Galaxy @ LAFC

Before the playoffs started, I picked the G-Men to make it to another LA cage match and for LAFC to then finally beat them in this round. Stuck with that feeling all the way until today, when I started going back and forth on it. I mean, willing the Galaxy to put the Supporters Shield winners out of the draw would be the most Zlatan thing for Zlatan to do. And the likely absence of Kaye makes that idea more plausible in theory. However, I think Nguyen can do the job and the Banc staff can actually handle business against their local nemesis this time. Umm... I think.

- Greg Seltzer

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