Sunday, October 27, 2019

Well, this is embarassing.

Okay, so I only just noticed that this Clipboard striker post, which was finished on September 29th, was not actually published. I can't recall what distraction turned my brain to mush at such a strange and precise interval, maybe it was very late. Anyway, let's complete the dang thang.

We're early in a cycle and in a transition phase at this important position, so all talents can be considered. As David Wallace once said: "It's not really the time for [management] to start getting judgmental."

Jozy Altidore
Josh Sargent
Jeremy Ebobisse

Situational value: Gyasi Zardes
On target for January: Emmanuel Sabbi

Settling in Italy: Andrija Novakovich
Sort it out: Bobby Wood, Sebastian Soto
Future watch: Jesus Ferreira, Mason Toye, Brian White

Altidore is the easy first choice, even if portion of our bubble somehow finds him worthless. No, his problem is staying fit, which is why the second slot is so important. Sargent is obviously not a settled international, but hey, there's only one way to get him there. Same goes for third man up Ebobisse, who I find to be strangely overlooked. He can compete physically at this level and helps a system function. I'm not one who thinks Zardes is entirely out of his element with the Nats, but seasoning the younger guys should be a priority right now.

Speaking of, Sabbi is becoming quite the power option over in Denmark. Novakovich has intrigue about him, but is currently getting his feet wet in Italy. Soto needs to find his new club, Wood needs to find his old mojo. The three young guys have specific lanes they drive in, and each could be of some use before long. In particular, I'd love to see Toye in January camp, because his ability to get behind and stretch the defense is definitely lacking at times with this US side.  

- Greg Seltzer

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