Saturday, February 29, 2020

Enter Stage Left

I've been busy with MLS preseason stuff this week (still working on my 2020 table prediction post), but let's pause that to egt back to the Clipboard. Because the right back chart is pretty straightforward, well, that kinda puts the bookend spot in a similar way.

Sergiño Dest
Antonee Robinson
Chase Gasper

Still definitely worth a look: Ryan Hollingshead

As I noted before, Dest doesn't rely on running to the touchline for crosses from his favored foot when getting forward, so he's a no-brainer choice to start on the left at this time. Robinson is another young guy with offensive skills that needs to improve some defensively, but neither is as bad in his own end as some folks make them out to be.

Am I buying Gasper stock too soon? I suppose it's possible, but ya gotta love the size of fight in that dog. He's a gamer, stays under control and plays within his limitations without being too limited. Meanwhile, it looks as though Hollingshead will be another veteran that gets ignored until he's too old (Frei? Frei? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?). Such a pity, the guy has the potential for making impact plays.

- Greg Seltzer

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