Thursday, March 19, 2020

Filling The Soccer Void

I know... life without any soccer can be fairly cruel. However, there are ways to compensate for the current lack of action. For instance, tomorrow I will be resuming the USMNT Clipboard at the defensive midfield slot, and vow to have it completed (no, really) by next Friday.

Of course, that's just one small way to get through this involuntary soccer drought. 

  • The Athletic (which I highly recommend for all sports, though 95% of my time there is actually spent in the St. Louis Blues/NHL sections) has a kind offer for non-subscribers: 90 free days. Existing subscribers aren't left out, check this post for the deets.
  • The ultimate time-passer, Football Manager, is free to play until next Wednesday.
  • Keep an eye out over at MLSS as they repost a series of thrilling full matches of yore (such as the nail-biting 2018 Western Conference semifinal tie capper between heated rivals Portland and Seattle).

    UPDATE: Here's their upcoming replay schedule.

Or, ya know, you could just watch this old game six or seven more times...

- Greg Seltzer

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