Friday, March 20, 2020

Pick Six

Okay, so we're back in the Clipboard game with the defensive midfield chart. Picking the starter is about as easy as it gets. Filling out what comes behind him is a little more complicated.

Tyler Adams
Russell Canouse
James Sands

Future watch: Hassani Dotson, Chris Durkin, Derrick Jones

Adams needs no sales pitch. He's the guy here. Duh. Even though Canouse has been playing right back for D.C. United, his rightful spot is guarding the back line. For me, the same goes for Sands (though some think he's better used at center back). Both of these guys will close lanes, win balls and move it along safely to more creative players with a minimum of fuss.

I'll admit to not being sure yet about what Dotson's best position is... he may well belong out on the flank. For now, he's learning on the job from Ozzie Alonso, which counts for a lot. There's far less positional confusion about Durkin or Jones, but they both still need to earn more responsibility at the club level. The former is more of a pure gate-keeper, the latter adds in plenty of forward push.

- Greg Seltzer

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