Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A Fine Mess

Oh, the wing stable. Where have you gone wrong? And how do you find your way back? This isn't as fun a depth chart as it could be, but maybe one day... (mind wanders).

The good news is an adequate starting pair of bookend flank handfuls is readily at our service.

Jordan Morris
Paul Arriola

Left and then right in your program. Beyond that, we have tangled wires of promise, inexperience, inconsistency, fitness woes and more...

Bench weapon: Jonathan Lewis

Green as it gets: Gio Reyna, Ulysses Llanez

Need to bust slumps: Tyler Boyd,
Romain Gall
In recovery bay: Jonathan Amon, Timothy Weah
Everybody wants to make him a right back: Brooks Lennon

Potential depth cogs: Corey Baird, Lynden Gooch, Julian Green, Chris Mueller

Once you get past Lewis, who seems quite capable of teeing up chances against tired opponents, this is maze of question marks. Llanez will be fine, and perhaps soon enough, but is summer too soon? And how much instant pressure do we put on Reyna? Baird seems one-dimensional at this time, Gooch faces the weakest regular competition, Green fades in and out of form, and we haven't actually seen Mueller in a US shirt yet. Boyd and Gall have usable skills, but are suffering serious lulls. Amon has seemingly vanished, and Weah got hurt 10 minutes into his long-awated comeback. Don't even get me going on about Lennon's wicked, no longer tapped final ball ability.

Yeah, I'm a teensy bit concerned about this position is a starter isn't available. If that happens, we'll need to shift Lletget over from the midfield.

- Greg Seltzer


Luke said...


Greg Seltzer said...

Ah yes, thank you. Accidentally left his name on the notepad.

Scott said...

With such limited options you don't think the playing time Reyna has gotten with Dortmund is enough to push him into the bench options?

Scott said...

Especially considering Arriola's injury?