Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Strike Team Alpha

Like a few of the other Clipboard depth charts, the center forward station practically fills itself out at this time.

Jozy Altidore
Josh Sargent
Jeremy Ebobisse

Option 3b: Gyasi Zardes
On the right track: Jesus Ferreira, Andrija Novakovich, Emmanuel Sabbi, Mason Toye, Brian White
Future watch: Charlie Kelman
Get thee a new club, please!: Bobby Wood
Get thee a new club, please! - future watch edition: Sebastian Soto

I honestly see no reason to change the top three. Altidore is finally staying fit, and we get this pause... ain't life grand? I'd really like to see Sargent start asserting himself at Bremen, it's about that time. As much as I hate to say it, Ebobisse may need a trade from Portland, as Gio Savarese obviously does not trust him to be the man there. I have no idea why that is, but it's hard to miss at this point. Because of the growing pains of those two youngsters, Zardes may actually still be the second best choice against certain opponents (read: bad in the air).

Ferreira definitely looks on course, though I still have questions about his best position. Novakovich has always had big outings, now he needs to find consistency. He may actually have the most top shelf tools of anyone in this group of five. Sabbi is a true danger man, but needs to round out his build game - let's see how he responds to his upcoming Odense BK move. Toye has the verve to succeed, but like Ebobisse, keeps getting pushed behind new aquisitions. White looked all ready to burst onto the USMNT scene last summer, but has suddenly now failed to score in 474 MLS minutes. Hmm.

I have concerns about Kelman's size, but there can be no denying he's made huge strides as an 18-year-old playing in League One. As for Wood and Soto, you already know the very simple drill. They need to get in the wind. Wood needs to prove he can still get the job done, Soto needs to prove he can produce at top levels.

- Greg Seltzer

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DaMa said...

Good to see you are doin alright (or alright enough to post). Ebobisse needs to get out of portland. Also worried about Toye getting 0 minutes. As usual, US young attacking players can't get any play in MLS. While we are at it, no US youth player should ever go to LAG again (get out while you can Araujo).

Sargent got a 20 minute stint for WB... that team is just lost in the midfield. Being a striker for that club must be incredibly frustrating when the only attacking option is "hope Rashica dribbles enough to get a wonder shot off). I dont think they are staying up.... I am not sure if that is good or bad.