Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Either Trash Pandas or Slingers. Do not test me on this.

Fans of St. Louis' forthcoming MLS club have been bombing franchise leaders with suggestions for a team name. On Monday, they shared some of the more entertaining submissions, complete with dolled-up badge renderings. Magic time.

I would totally be up for Capybaras if the animal had any connection at all to the continent. But alas. I'm totally up for the other two options mentioned in the post title (even if the color schemes would need to change dranatically from these mock-ups).

And, in case you're wondering, this is a slinger.

- Greg Seltzer


downintexas said...

All of these are better than what they most likely will pick.

St. Louis F.C.
St. Louis United
F.C. St. Louis

J.D. Springer said...

My dream matchup of expansion franchise nicknames that didn't/won't make it: Rain City Bitch Pigeons (Seattle NHL team) vs. STL Trash Pandas.