Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Nerdin' USA

It never fails. Just when I'm set to do a post, a stack of work/business matters come in (not that I'm complaining). But now I actually have a little breather, so there's no excuse. It's time to finally start unfurling the Americans Abroad stat updates. And instead of compiling a full general section with several lists for each post, I'm just going to roll out one specific category per post. That way, it'll be much easier for me to keep them coming on the regs.

Now... you surely know that Christian Pulisic became the first American to score in an FA Cup final at the start of the month. You probably weren't aware that he is the sixth American to score in a foreign cup final (joining Jozy Altidore, Carlos Bocanegra, John Harkes, Kyrian Nwabueze and César Romero).

What you also had no reason to know was that he also became the 15th American to bag 30 top level (top flight leagues and cups) goals abroad. Obviously, a handful of the cats listed below fattened up in lesser leagues, but most of these guys did their damage in strong leagues (meaning Europe's traditional top 6-7 championships + Mexico).

Those who are still active in foreign clubs (and, thus, currently able to add to their totals) are sporting an asterisk.

: I mistakenly counted some Icelandic second flight goals for Jóhannsson. His total is now correct (as of October 28, 2020).

96 Earnie Stewart
79 Aron Jóhannsson*
72 Clint Dempsey
60 Jozy Altidore
57 Roy Wegerle   
56 Hérculez Gómez
51 Kyrian Nwabueze*
42 DaMarcus Beasley
     Brian McBride
39 Terrence Boyd
     Mix Diskerud*
34 Alejandro Bedoya
32 Michael Bradley
     César Romero
30 Christian Pulisic*


Quick side note: Nermin Crnkić will become the 16th player on the list with his next goal.

- Greg Seltzer

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