Saturday, September 12, 2020


Why not make it four American ex-pat goals for the day, said Josh Sargent when he rose highest to nod home Werder Bremen's opener in a 2-0 DfB-Pokal win at Carl Zeiss Jena.

And if you're wondering about that asterisk in the post title, well, that's because Reggie Cannon also rang the bell on his Boavista debut in their friendly.

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

Really encouraged by how Sargent looked. I know it's a USL level opponent, but last season had me a bit worried that his developoment was going to be a bit stunted by Bremen's struggles to create chances.

Aside from that one badly flubbed play in the box, it looked like his brain had caught up to his soccer sense (or the game has slowed down for him or however you want to say it). Last season he always looked so frenetic... like he was a yard away from where he wanted to be and was rushing to get there.

Anyway he created a bunch of chances and whoever the announcer was was completely right ... his runs are completely changed, even from the original CF spot I barely remember him checking back as a target guy. It was a lot of pushing the line and running off shoulders. Some good passing too.

Sounds like Rashica is gonzo and the manager is high on Sargent so this could be a big season. All he needs is for Bittencourt to get a surprise transfer (or have kohfeldt realize how toxic he is).

Greg Seltzer said...

I have nothing to add to that. Full agreement.