Saturday, October 3, 2020


Try to keep it together, folks, but yeah this kid is only 17. It didn't take long for someone to fill my wish with an individual highlight reel of Giovanni Reyna's waltz through Freiburg as if they were tulips. Do enjoy.

- Greg Seltzer


Dr.Jon said...

Looks like should have been 4 assists.

DaMa said...

It was weird hearing the German guy who was announcing for espn+ compare his touch to Zidane's and the other guy exclaims "high bar" and then they are both like "yeah... but okay." I had a good long think about it. I mean... i think about how young CP10 is and then i think about how hes 4 years older than Gio. I'm not really sure I see the ZZ thing though I think he was just making a point about how soft his touch is. I'll have to give a long think about when to start the DeBrunye/Hazard comparisons for the young american attack :)