Friday, October 16, 2020

Shot Callers

As I'm stuck on a couple counts on a couple of categories, we'll make one of those hyperspace leaps to focus on a select group we haven't mentioned yet: the bosses. This one's simple. Which American has overseen the most match victories across the pond?

Per usual, the count includes all top flights, select second flights and all top level cups. That means the 18 Gregg Berhalter put up at Hammarby is a no-go as they came in the Superettan. On the other hand, Bob Bradley's Ligue 2 ledger counts (side note: I often wonder if this guy will head overseas again one day). And yes, David Wagner is included; he counts for Americans Abroad goals, so he should count for this, too.

The list is short, but interesting, as a few of these guys are active. Jesse Marsch is piling up wins fast, and after last season's Austrian double is one Old World title short of catching John Caufield in that department. By the way, Caufield has moved from Cork to Galway, which means he's down in the Irish second tier and only his Irish Cup games from this season count.

118 John Caufield*
65   David Wagner
57   Bob Bradley
37   Jesse Marsch*
10   Pellegrino Matarazzo*
1     Joe Enochs 

- Greg Seltzer

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