Sunday, November 29, 2020

Big Decision #1

Okay, so we're at the right back slot, where the questions instantly begs: Do you start Dest there opposite a lesser left back or ship him port side with Cannon starboard? At this time, it's a big question with an easy answer.

Reggie Cannon
DeAndre Yedlin
Julian Araujo

Still in the mix: Nick Lima
The time for a look is coming: Kyle Duncan, Brandon Bye, Bryan Reynolds

Cannon has become such a reliable, businesslike presence, ya gotta go bookend him with Dest. The Barcelona kid doesn't really heavily on crossing, so he doesn't need to be on his natural side to make a difference going forward. Heck, he might be more disruptive from the left, where he can cut inside much more easily. Even if his showings in a US shirt hit a lull for a while, Yedlin should be a good enough back-up here that you eagerly keep Dest starting on the left. And if he's not, there's a host of younger guys coming for his spot.

Araujo is basically level with the three guys listed directly below, but gets the third slot because of his added final third edge. Even if I'm mildly annoyed it took this long for the Galaxy youngster to get a call-up (reportedly), I certainly wouldn't argue if Duncan, Bye or even Reynolds were on hand instead. Buchanan has really drawn my eye down the stretch. He might not cause problems in great volume, but the ones he does cause moving into attack often turn dire for the defense. He picks the right times, and makes things happen. If he can sharpen play in his own end (not that it's terrible in MLS, but we're talking up a sizable level). As for Lima, he's a battler who's shown that he can make things happen in the final third. If only he was a natural lefty...

EDIT: I'm not sure why I had it in my head that Buchanan was also eligible to play for the US, but he is not. Just Canada. Bummer.

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

Agreed with all of this. And agreed that Buchanan has looked real good recently... then again I have felt that way about both Duncan and Reynolds at times this year. Crazy how much depth we have at RB. I actually think I lean Duncan (behind Araujo), but maybe thats just amount of times Ive seen him.

Greg Seltzer said...

At this point, we have an enviable amount of young prospect depth at most positions. I dig it.