Thursday, December 3, 2020

Short, But Sweet

In the interest of balance, I could certainly have placed Palmer-Brown in this #4 chart. He's played over there before, and one might even argue that his best outings have typically come there. But as he's stagnated a bit to fall out of the top three, I decided to keep him on the right. And because of this, the left center back ranks kinda get straight to the point without sacrificing solidity.

John Anthony Brooks
Mark McKenzie
Aaron Long

Break in case of emergency: Tim Ream

Brooks is finally looking like the star defender Wolfsburg paid big bucks for in the summer of '16. If his current form holds throughout the season, he could end it as a top-five center back in the Bundesliga. McKensie has just nudged in front of Long because of a) his Brooks-like passing out of the back & b) the Red Bull man's slight slippage. Ream is still fine in a pinch, but it really is time to build some chemistry and cohesiveness in the heart of defense.

- Greg Seltzer

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