Tuesday, January 19, 2021

No, you're out of order!

Because I've unveiled this Clipboard in line-up card order, we'd normally being doing the #9's right now. We will not be doing that for two simple reasons. I've not settled that depth chart yet, but the left wing edition is ready to go. So that's why we're skipping to the proverbial "first name on the team sheet"...

Christian Pulisic
Jordan Morris

Bench weapon: Jonathan Lewis
A useful option: Julian Green
Not quite ready for prime time: Ulysses Llanez

Pulisic is the obvious choice here ("put your best player in his best place" is my new phrase), and the thought of him running wild with Dest is nigh terror-inducing. For the time being, when everyone is available, Morris will need to be the impact sub. I have no doubt he'll find ways to contribute. If J-Mo heads to Europe (but not Swansea, man!) and we're down to MLS players, someone from the crowded right wing chart - say, Arriola - can slide over to start.

Lewis is exactly what it says he is: a guy can make a late final third play against tired defenders after coming off the bench. We at the very least know he can do that against solid CONCACAF opposition. Green is a funny case, but he's a funny case that is showing steady improvement. I'm not sold on him playing behind the striker, but he still has the legs and guile to cause trouble wide. Despite his quick account opener for the Nats, Llanez is purely Olympics material until he breaks through with Heerenveen. I trust their process and (not so) secretly wish the Friesians would just buy him.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

We forgive the order jumps. #8 and #10 came before #7 in any case ;)

willsaxton said...

I understand your reasoning here, and am mindful of your assessment of Konrad as per his performances for the national team, but based on what I've seen of his play this season for Barca B & his cameos for the senior squad I would give him some serious reconsideration, particularly if Green and Llanez make up his comparison class.