Monday, February 8, 2021

Triple Trouble

Like I said before... lots of Beastie Boys lately. I've got a few things cooking in the kitchen (including more Americans Abroad stat counts and an efficiently expedited Olympic Clipboard), but first we need more goals. This weekend, we had a few guys hit in countries we don't follow near as much as others. Oftentimes, videos for such contests are hard to come by, but this time we're all three times lucky. Why not give 'em a little love?

We'll start in Albania, because there's more than one American surging in a Golden Boot race over in Europe. Laçi striker Kyrian Nwabueze is two back of the league scoring leader after benefitting from a generous error in defense to open their 2-1 win at Villznia.

Over in Finland, we had a couple of cup goals. Gerald Ben bagged the last-gasp 2-1 winner as PK-35 rallied from a deficit in the final five minutes to jump straight to the top of Suomen Cup Group E.

Meanwhile, KPV right back Kyle Curinga sported the armband as he fired an early well-placed opener in their 1-1 draw with VPS. He's actually struck in three separate Suomen Cup underdog runs.

- Greg Seltzer

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