Sunday, March 28, 2021

Your USMNT Line-Up v Honduras

This XI feels a little safe to me, but that's what you get with a safe selection. It doesn't really matter anymore - this is the crew, they have a job to do. This team is out there to limit chances, and if they do that the USMNT should be back in the Olympics for the first time since 2008. 

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

hard to be surprised by first half. the frightening thing is... given this pool of players this probably would have been my starting lineup too. might say something about team selection. maybe.

ZackL said...


DaMa said...

Yep. None of it was surprising. Felt like the intention of this process was to find the answers to a series of questions nobody cared about like:

Q: which of 10 defensive midfielders could be a future third stringer for the senior team?
A: none

Q: "Is Lewis the least efficient attacking player of all time?"
A: Come on, you exaggerate. Right? .....

Q: is bofo slower when he sprints than when he jogs?
A: there is only one bofo speed

Q: is johnny a good late game offensive substitution?
A: hahahahahahahahahahah

Q: does jason kreiss know that its not 1996 anymore?
A: in fairness he may have started for this team. was that the goal here? for the kids to just barely qualify and then beg him to take an overage slot? this was all a master plot for Kreis to finally hit the national stage!

ZackL said...

That was dumb and bad and I regret watching it.

I'm going to see that Johnathan Lewis miss in my nightmares. Use your left foot man!

On the whole it was a disappointing tournament where the team never seemed to get out of first gear. As to why that was, there are probably a lot of reasons but an imbalanced roster and poor tactics are probably chief among them.

What's really maddening about it is that the talent was there to win this game. Maybe this group wasn't good enough to beat Mexico, but they should have gotten the job done against Honduras. And yet, they did not. Again.

Anyway, at least this means I can spend less time watching soccer at the Olympics and more time watching other, random sports I never pay attention to. And isn't that what the Olympics is really all about? Bring on the sport climbing, I say.