Saturday, April 10, 2021

Jolly good, chaps!

No, I don't ever talk like that. I'm just hurrying so we can get on to the next ep of True Detective season three - reason enough to just quickly cheese it up for two of our boys scoring in England on Saturday.

We'll start in the Prem, where Christian Pulisic's double led the way in a 4-1 Chelsea win at Crystal Palace. It seems like it has been forever ago, but I'm here to remind you all how this dude murdered everyone down the stretch last season. It looks like he's revving up for another late hot streak.

One flight below in the Championship, Daryl Dike continued spurring Barnsley toward the Premier League with yet another goal in their 2-0 defeat of Middlesbrough. He nodded home the late capper (a play that kinda gets stitched together like Frankenstein in the clip below, but oh well) to notch his eighth goal in the club's last 11 matches. Good ol' Max has a great general point... but the truth is Dike  might actually already be worth near that much.

- Greg Seltzer

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