Thursday, July 1, 2021


Another rash of work has cleared, so I'm working on the next AAotY edition (spoiler alert: two new names will be added to the winners' list in this memory lane stroll). It'll be up later today, but for now let's sit back, relax and enjoy a little tube session dedicated to Christian Pulisic.

Let's begin back where his story really started, at former youth side PA Classics in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A couple weeks back, the Champions League winner dropped in to cut the ribbon a pair of small pitches like the ones he sees all over Europe, give a clinic and sign some autographs. As someone who has spent nearly all of the last 18 years living in and visiting cities all across the continent, I can't tell you how many times I've passed one of the countless urban soccer courts and thought, "Man, if we had even half of these in America, our national team program would explode." I've even considered trying to start some sort of foundation to get the ball rolling (pun intended) on some installations around the country, but, ya know... time.

Obviously, Pulisic had the same sort of idea, because he gave back to his hometown by making a big donation to make these recreational fields a reality. 

Next, we'll revisit the time when Pulisic was featured in GQ's 10 Things I Can't Live Without series. This clip is a few months old, but I decided to put it up because 1) I somehow missed it and figured others might have also & 2) because he asserts that the combo of peanut butter and chocolate is king, a belief that has only seen my respect for him skyrocket. He's not wrong, yo.

Here's a bit of a funny one. A friend of mine from London was telling me this week that Pulisic has caused a bit of a local buzz over there with his ability to perfectly replicate an English accent. So, as someone who is constantly affecting other accents for fun, I had to check it out. My verdict: Yeah, he's pretty damn good at it. Now I just need to find the same type of demonstration if he can do a German accent...

Finally, I wanted to share a couple things I learned about Pulisic this week. The first is that he's apparently a boss gift giver (this particular clip shows him picking just the right birthday present for US teammate and Denver-area native Ethan Horvath). The second is that he's apparently a bit of a prankster, because Horvath's initial reaction to the gift box seemed to be fear that a ferret would jump out or something.

- Greg Seltzer

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