Friday, August 13, 2021

Just real quick...

A quick programming note/apology (which have kinda become one in the same over the last few years): Work has been coming so thick and fast that I didn't even notice the second season of Ted Lasso was already three episodes in until yesterday. All the summer tournaments quickly bled into season starts in Europe, and of course I'm always on the MLS beat. Plus, I've spent way too many hours sorting out an upcoming trip to the States (UGH don't ask).

Because of all that, the coda of the AAotY's has draaaaagged out way too long. I've finally reached a moment where my inbox is actually empty (shh duntellnobody), so I officially promise with a capital P that this sloth-like wrap-up will be rectified this weekend. Final "veteran's committee" honorees on Saturday, my Running The Numbers epilogue on Sunday. Book it.

- Greg Seltzer

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